2 thoughts on “One Rincon Townhomes hitting the block (queue up!)

  1. hey sfnewsletter! Just thought you should know that I did a comment on socketsite about you guys and how much I love your newsletter and this new blog. Guess what? They pulled my comment, and now they have the “Atherton House” posted on their site. I wonder where they’re getting some of their information, because since you’ve launched, there have been a lot of posts over there where I swear they got information from here. ;-) Keep up the good work. I officially will not read them anymore, so you better step it up over here.

  2. truckee boarder,

    Thanks for the kind words. We have no control over them, and are very aware of all the posts that appear on their site after ours. C’est la vie. We’ll “step it up” as much as we can, but remember, we focus on the sfnewsletter and actually have to represent clients too. ;-) This is a hobby.


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