It happens… and a great opportunity

[Update 3/30/07: “Pending” as of today…that means it’s pretty much a done deal.]

2356 Larkin, a two bed, one bath condo in Russian Hill, hit the market for a day at $1.5MM, received an over asking offer, then promptly fell out.  Now it sits. Just look past the zebra rug and wall art (we understand it is all subjective), and you’ll see what we see….a great home in an excellent location.  That price might be negotiable at this point too.  You never know.
[pic taken from property website]

2 thoughts on “It happens… and a great opportunity

  1. According to an inside source, you could have have gotten it at 1.4 last week, but since the seller had to re-list and re-stage, they are probably back to a multiple bidding situation.

  2. Anon,

    Thanks for the comment. You are right. And as we said before we found out it was pending, “that price might be negotiable…” Timing is still everything in this market.

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