Developing Hunters Point


“The neglected areas of San Francisco’s southeast shore would be remade into a destination spot with a new football stadium, hundreds of acres of open space and thousands of new homes…”

“As it did for the San Francisco Giants’ waterfront ballpark, the city would contribute the land. Lennar (Lennar Corp. of Miami, a Fortune 500 company that is leading redevelopment efforts at former military bases on Treasure Island and Mare Island in Vallejo.) says it would contribute $100 million in cash and help finance the stadium’s infrastructure, including parking, roads, electrical lines, sewer pipes and water service.”

We’re all for it, and if it takes making the 49er stadium the rallying cry, then so be it.

STADIUM PROPOSAL: Thousands of homes plus shops and parks on the city’s southeast shore
[picture from sfgate article, photographer Judith Carlson]

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