SF BLŪ Introductory Price Reduction

From the marketing team behind BLŪ, San Francisco:

Please note that we are nearly ready to deliver homes at BLŪ on 631 Folsom Street. First though, we need to fulfill a lender commitment to pre-sell 25% of the building. Once we hit that number, we can commence closings. In an effort to reach this 25% sold level quickly, we are lowering prices dramatically until the pre-sale goal is reached.

We have 1000+ [square foot] two-bed/two-bath homes with parking in this 21 story high rise which we are offering starting in the upper $500’s.

The deals will last until our lenders allow closings to begin and then the discounting will end.

Assuming the pricing of our most recent post on BLŪ, that would mean they’re selling homes that were previously “starting from the $600s” now “in the upper $500s”. sfnewdevelopments (found via Curbed SF) is talking 10-20% reductions (previous price in parentheses):

Residence A – starting from $743,000 ($925k)
Residence B – starting from $631,000 ($809k)
Residence C – starting from $622,000 ($799k)
Residence D – starting from $743,000 ($930k)
Residence E – Starting from $575,000 ($739k)
Residence F – starting from $673,000 ($809k)

As you can see, pricing varies depending on the source. Our starting prices for the “E” and “F” plans are significantly different than those sfnewdevelopments is quoting, but we’re not holding it against them. We’re just saying…don’t offer what they’re asking at the sales office, and don’t believe everything you read. Remember, in real estate EVERYTHING is negotiable and it NEVER hurts to ask.

You know what to do for details…drop us a line.

SF BLŪ, San Francisco Condos: Rendering To Reality, Pricing, Pictures, And Info

We had a chance to get down to SF BLŪ, yet another San Francisco new development releasing units for purchase, and we have to admit, it is also a very nice building. It doesn’t quite have the amenities of the other new developments around town, but that’s exactly what the folks checking it out are after (a little more low key, but not low budget). For a more complete look at what the building has to offer, check our previous posts on the property, which include some fabulous 3D renderings from Zum LLC.

For now, we have a couple photos to share, but only a couple. The building was still under heavy construction, but of course we finagled our way into more units than what they had “open”. None of the units were really photography ready, but we can tell you they are pretty darn nice.

Here is a photo of the kitchen in one of the penthouse units (all of which are three levels, and very cool):

And the view from the terrace of one of the penthouses (the NorthWest Side of the building):

Pricing is as follows:

Residence A                  Starting from the $900’s
2 Bedroom/2 Bath         HOA Dues $664.29

Residence B                   Starting from the $700’s
2 Bedroom/2 Bath         HOA Dues $651.24

Residence C                   Starting from the $700’s
2 Bedroom/2 Bath        HOA Dues $651.42

Residence D                   Starting from the $900’s
2 Bedroom/2 Bath plus Den HOA Dues $685.15

Residence E                    Starting from the $600’s
2 Bedroom/2 Bath         HOA Dues $623.49

Residence F                    Starting from the $700’s
2 Bedroom/2 Bath         HOA Dues $676.44

Penthouses                    Starting from $2.5 million
3 Bedroom/2.5 Bath      HOA Dues from the low $800’s

Parking is included in these prices, but considered optional. For home prices without parking deduct $60,000.

As is the case with any San Francisco new development condominium, feel free to discuss, and debate all you want. If you have any questions, or would like a tour, give me a shout, and I’d be happy to get you in.

Feeling BLŪ (631 Folsom): Step inside!

Until now, we had not seen inside the new world unfolding down at BLŪ, yet another San Francisco upscale condo development. Thankfully, we have friends in high places (we’re waiting on that balloon story we alluded to). We can all pay homage to zūm llc for their wonderful renderings. Enjoy your First Look ™ inside BLŪ!

Living Area








The development will be one hundred eight condominium units total, and there will be six residences per floor. On the top will be six two-story penthouses with private roof decks, and glass walled solariums.

Units will feature:

-Floor to ceiling wraparound corner windows

-Wood floors in foyers, kitchens, and living/dining areas

-Kitchens will have granite counters, high quality cabinetry, Viking stainless steel appliances

-Master baths to have dual marble vanities and frameless glass shower enclosures (ooh la la!)

So we’ve been inside virtually and verbally, now when do we get inside literally…seriously?

Handel Architects [handelarchitects.com]

All things BLŪ [theFrontSteps]

BLŪ (631 Folsom), Sales Office Opening in September



BLŪ, San Francisco’s newest new is planning on opening their sales office in September (so we’re told), and they’re claiming “fresh concepts, crisp lines, attention to detail, clarity of purpose…in an intimate high-rise community.” The development will be one hundred eight condominium units total, and there will be six residences per floor. On the top will be six two-story penthouses with private roof decks, and glass walled solariums.

Judging from the 3D renderings, we’re definitely seeing crisp lines, and clarity, but of course, we have yet to see inside.

We’ve also been told that they recently sent a balloon up in the sky at the construction site to snap pictures that will enable the artists to create 360 degree view images for you to see. You’ll have to check back for those though, but if they’re anything like the 3D renderings zūm llc did, we’ll be impressed.

zūm llc: a 3D “picture medley” [sfn BLOG]

More New Development News [sfn BLOG]

BLŪ [website]

zūm llc: a 3D “picture medley”

Ever hear the Jane’s Addiction song, “L.A. Medley”? If not, you should. We recently discovered zūm llc as the company that has done some 3D renderings for some of the new developments around town (The Potrero, Blū, Fairmont Heritage Place at Ghirardelli Square, 733 Front Street) and we decided they are deserving of our first “picture medley”. We’re always happy to support local businesses, so we contacted them, they replied, and you get to…ENJOY!

Fairmont Heritage Place at Ghirardelli Square:






733 Front Street:




Blū (631 Folsom):



The Potrero (451 Kansas):







Pretty Impressive isn’t it?

Some bullet points describing in brief what zūm llc does for the owner/developer…

In most cases they are retained directly by the owner/developer to assist the clients’ design and marketing teams for:

·Sales & Marketing

·Pre sales and Pre leasing

·Feasibility and Environmental studies

·Investor review process

·Design review process

·Government review process

As a person in the real estate business, with clients that sometimes make purchases solely off of pictures (myself included…not recommended, but common), the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words holds true. Now I can say a high-res 3D picture is worth two thousand words. Thanks to zūm llc for enlightening us.

We’ll get some information for you regarding Blū, and the Fairmont, and an update on the Potrero and 733 Front as soon as we can. We might also add that we “are the only blog that has these images right now“, so if you’re seeing them somewhere else, remember you saw them here first. Now, go back up and look at those pictures again. You deserve it.

The Potrero


Fairmont Heritage Place at Ghirardelli Square

733 Front Street

733 Front Street: a walkthrough and opinion [sfn BLOG]