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973a 14th Street | Duboce Triangle | $1,349,000

973a 14th Street | Duboce Triangle | $1,349,000

Some properties simply shine…this one delights as well…and the views… Originally built in 1903, and recently remodeled for today’s tastes, this top floor two bedroom, two bathroom view home in San Francisco’s extremely desirable and walkable neighborhood of Duboce Triangle is sure to please the eye and even the most discerning buyers. Upon entering this […]

It’s Friday! Top 10 Overbids To Spark Your Cocktail Convers...

It’s Friday! Top 10 Overbids To Spark Your Cocktail Convers...

You’re all probably wondering where the hell I went. I’m here. Representing buyers and sellers in this frenzied market. This market that is full of crazy overbids, properties getting many multiples of offers, and at the same time properties that are now sitting in the dead pool. I call these “Stalefish” a.k.a. 30+ Club, and […]

The Appraisal Conundrum

With the recent dip in interest rates many homeowners are rushing to refinance only to come upon a very large obstacle, appraised values of their homes are coming in low…very low. The biggest reason being that there are not enough comparable property sales in the past 3 months to set lenders nerves at ease. Perhaps […]

Comparing A Fuji To A Macintosh (We Ain’t Talking Electroni...

Lots of chatter (as usual) on one particular local blog regarding the continued decline of real estate, and the world for that matter. (We get it, we really do. At least they’ve chosen to beat white elephants now along with their dead horses.) What we’d like to show you is something that is still happening, […]

Obama Says: Go Buy A House (In So Many Words)

We’re going to take the liberty of pulling a few quotes from this recent New York Times article about President-elect Obama’s call to action and urge our fellow San Franciscans to go out and buy a house. -‘I don’t believe it’s too late to change course, but it will be if we don’t take dramatic […]

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