It’s a Holiday! Cesar Chavez Day puts San Francisco real estate site on hold, Jesus can’t hang

If this guy gets my son out of school today, but this guy can’t get him out on Good Friday, then today must be a major holiday, and we’re taking the day off.





Twin Vics, San Francisco Real Estate and the foundations of a social network

Here is yet another example of the types of things we/you can do on This is a great post that was put up by Eddy!. We tried and tried to come up with a system here to allow readers and tipsters to post directly to this blog, but it was no easy task. Enjoy, and feel free to check out and be social.

“I can’t tell if this place is any good on the inside or not, but it sure as heck looks a lot like its twin sister just down the road at 2021 Webster. But at $1.85 for a good looking Victorian on a nice block of Webster seems like a pretty good deal to me.

2247 Webster

This place has 3bd/1.5 bath so for an extra million or so you pickup an extra bedroom and +2 baths, and probably a whole lot more in terms of renovations. My guess is that at some point you hit the floor on the price to enter the SFH market in Pacific Heights. I’ve got to imagine it’s right around $1.5M so this place seems like an OK deal if you don’t mind living across the street from the hospital. Just not sure if it’s a steal at $1.85 and what it does to 2021 in terms of value. All of a sudden, 2021 might be closer to reality. I think you pull 10% from the current prices and both places would sell in a week.

MapJack StreetView

Side by Side — 2247 (Left / 2021 (Right)

It’s hard to tell much else about 2247 Webster since they don’t post any other pictures other than stock imagry of Webster Street Historic District and Alta Plaza Park. I’ll add that I don’t particularly like these generic shots on listings. Besides, this place is closer to Lafayette Park anyway.

Check Eddy!’s post out

today on

Coming Soon (1460-68 Broadway @ Polk)

From this:

To this:

These TIC units at 1460-68 Broadway are expected to hit the market this weekend. We’re still waiting to hear back from the developer on pricing and details. For now, imagine how much better your food will taste cooked in the new kitchen as opposed to the old.

Or how much better a shower would be in this bathroom

as opposed to this one

Check back for further details like size, pricing, and more photos.


More photos

Floorplan 1

Floorplan 2

Floorplan 3

Prices range from $869K to $969K.

All units are two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, with 1 parking space in

the garage at the ground floor of the building.

Top floor units have private roof decks. Ground floor units have

private, fenced in yards.

There is also a common area roofdeck for everyone, and a common area

yard for everyone.

Finishes include Carrera marble, Halila limestone, Interceramic Glass

Tiles, Hansgrohe Axor fixtures, Philippe Starck soaking tub in the

master bath, natural hardwood floors, custom window coverings, gas

fireplaces, 3 units with Caesarstone counter, 3 units with granite, some

units with natural cherry cabinets, some units with ebony walnut

cabinets, professional-grade Viking Appliances, KWC kitchen faucets,

washer/dryer hookups in each unit.

What more could you need?

Curb those damn pets!

This park in Hayes Valley used to be nice until all the dog owners let their dogs crap and pee (I wanted to use some other words here…ahh to hell with it, sh*t and piss) all over the lawn and ruin it for everyone else. (Which is it, the male or female mutt that turns the green grass brown?) At least Blue Bottle Coffee is around the corner to help ease the pain of stepping in a big pile of crap. Come on people! This ain’t France. Clean up after Fifi!


It’s not only this park that suffers, it’s every single sidewalk in this city. If you have a dog, cat, rat, turtle (I actually saw a lady walking her turtle off of Clement Street), or any other kind of creature that has bowel movements, put it in a plastic baggie, do us all a favor, and toss that sh*t!