Twin Vics, San Francisco Real Estate and the foundations of a social network

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“I can’t tell if this place is any good on the inside or not, but it sure as heck looks a lot like its twin sister just down the road at 2021 Webster. But at $1.85 for a good looking Victorian on a nice block of Webster seems like a pretty good deal to me.

2247 Webster

This place has 3bd/1.5 bath so for an extra million or so you pickup an extra bedroom and +2 baths, and probably a whole lot more in terms of renovations. My guess is that at some point you hit the floor on the price to enter the SFH market in Pacific Heights. I’ve got to imagine it’s right around $1.5M so this place seems like an OK deal if you don’t mind living across the street from the hospital. Just not sure if it’s a steal at $1.85 and what it does to 2021 in terms of value. All of a sudden, 2021 might be closer to reality. I think you pull 10% from the current prices and both places would sell in a week.

MapJack StreetView

Side by Side — 2247 (Left / 2021 (Right)

It’s hard to tell much else about 2247 Webster since they don’t post any other pictures other than stock imagry of Webster Street Historic District and Alta Plaza Park. I’ll add that I don’t particularly like these generic shots on listings. Besides, this place is closer to Lafayette Park anyway.

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  1. 2247 Webster went into contract a couple weeks ago. i bet the final selling price for this 1,500sqft gem is around $1.78 mil.

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