1. Yes, it’s a joke. More of a slap at our local government and school system than the two obviously great men shown above.

  2. I have to agree with Joke. People need to lighten up! Come on. These are the kinds of things that are said over a cup of coffee, at lunch, at school, and discussed all the time. Hats off to this site for having the cajones to print something like it. It made me laugh, and wonder about the politics of this very city, and country I call home.

  3. Amen. My son has had Columbus/Indigenous People’s Day[ that’s cool I guess, he is half Italian], Lunar New Year, and now Cesar Chavez Day off from school. But as an Irish [part] American, why did he not get St. Patrick’s Day?! ;] That said SFUSD does not miss a chance to close, seriously, they do the absolute state required minimum school year…180 days.

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