Curb those damn pets!

This park in Hayes Valley used to be nice until all the dog owners let their dogs crap and pee (I wanted to use some other words here…ahh to hell with it, sh*t and piss) all over the lawn and ruin it for everyone else. (Which is it, the male or female mutt that turns the green grass brown?) At least Blue Bottle Coffee is around the corner to help ease the pain of stepping in a big pile of crap. Come on people! This ain’t France. Clean up after Fifi!


It’s not only this park that suffers, it’s every single sidewalk in this city. If you have a dog, cat, rat, turtle (I actually saw a lady walking her turtle off of Clement Street), or any other kind of creature that has bowel movements, put it in a plastic baggie, do us all a favor, and toss that sh*t!

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