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What Your Realtor Should Really Be Sending You…The Goods

I am pleased to announce the launch, and early adoption by Paragon Real Estate Group, of the newest addition to the San Francisco real estate scene “The Goods“, real estate marketing made simple. The goal of this new offering is to make it easy for real estate agents in the San Francisco/Bay Area to provide […]

No Need To Be Subtle, Begging Works: “Clients Want Offer...

Whether it’s an “extremely motivated client”, or an extremely motivated agent, it’s the new age of real estate marketing…begging…and in San Francisco it’s here to stay. It’s about time we quit being subtle and get to the point. –367 31st Ave, 3 bedroom, $1,195,000 [property website] –13 Ways To Say The Same Thing: Bring Me […]

Real Estate Agents…Spare Us The Mugshot

Zillow provides us with raw data to back up the fact that your image does nothing to sell you, or the home. But it does make for a damn good Sexiest Realtor contest. From Zillow’s Blog: Zillow makes money by selling ads on the site. But, to be a successful media company, we need to […]

Realtors Take Note: Real Estate Marketing Report Card Is Here

Real Estate technology is absolutely booming (judging by the daily emails we get pitching new products), and every so often we come across something clever enough to post and share with you. This application (website) is definitely not something that is going to change the world of real estate (we’ve been known to be wrong), […]

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