Realtors Take Note: Real Estate Marketing Report Card Is Here

Real Estate technology is absolutely booming (judging by the daily emails we get pitching new products), and every so often we come across something clever enough to post and share with you. This application (website) is definitely not something that is going to change the world of real estate (we’ve been known to be wrong), but it is certainly something useful for both Realtors and their clients (if nothing else it’s kinda fun).


Didn’t pass your G.E.D with flying colors? Now is your chance to get straight A’s on your “Real Estate Marketing Report Card“. Transparency at its finest.

Since we know you’ll look, we scored an “A” for 241 7th Ave, and a “B+” for 469 Clipper, which is odd, because they’re marketed identically. Anyone else care to give it a go?

Real Estate Marketing Report Card

2 thoughts on “Realtors Take Note: Real Estate Marketing Report Card Is Here

  1. i just tried it and scored a b+. the fact is, they judge you on how syndicated your listing is. in other words, if you put your listing in the MLS and/or on Zillow or some other combo, the listing will get picked up as a syndication on many other sites like google base, trulia, etc. automatically. eeehhh, i’m not overly impressed.

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