If you think we come up with this legal mumbo jumbo reporting on our time, you’re nuts. This taken from the SFAR Advantage Online:

The Department of Building Inspection is increasing the fee for 3R reports from $50 to $160. The increase is part of a comprehensive adjustment of permit and inspection fees designed to better reflect the actual cost of providing services.

The $50 3R report fee had been in effect since October, 1992, giving the DBI the opportunity to argue that it needed to increase the fee because it had not received Bay Area cost-of-living increases for 16 years.

Before adjusting its fee schedule, the department retained the services of Matrix Consulting Group (MCG), a private sector organization with expertise and extensive experience in analyzing building departments’ fee structures. Overall, MCG’s analysis of DBI’s fee structure revealed that the department under-recovers its cost by roughly 29 percent, measured in 2007-08 budgeted dollars. As a result, MCG proposed the following:

* Increases in permit fees by an average of 38 percent;

* Increases in fees for general building permit costs, including plan review and building inspections, by around 20 percent;

* Increases in plumbing permit and inspection fees by an average of 89 percent; and

* Increases in electrical permit and inspection fees by an average of 111 percent.

It’s a good read that Advantage Online, but we’ve no idea how to get the general public reading it directly, and it seems just about every blogging Realtor in the city is spitting the information out, so there must be a solution. In the meantime, we’ll keep pumping as much good stuff to you as possible.


  1. If I knew you were going to post this I would have taken a picture of the DBI on Friday. Complete Madhouse. Everybody getting all there permits before the rates went up. I wasn’t there for it, luckily, but my electrician was.

  2. It’s too bad the quality of service is not going up at DBI to reflect the cost of permits. Chaos still exists in getting a permit.

    Inspectors still show up late for an inspection.

    Same old story.

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