SeeClickFix: A new community website to report and get stuff done

It seems we’re on the receiving end of quite a few press releases these days. Some get shuffled to the trash, and others sit in the inbox with a little red tag screaming “post idea!” and eventually make it to the pages of theFrontSteps for a little promo. If you haven’t seen this site ( already, it is worth a look.

It’s also kind of fun to click on the bubbles to see what you find. We found, “Urine Alley”.  What can you find?

Oh, and the best part, each new fixit request is emailed directly to the Supervisors!

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SeeClickFix, a website that empowers residents to take responsibility for their neighborhood, is now serving San Francisco. Peter Schurman, a San Francisco resident, is excited about the service and is helping SeeClickFix to build local awareness, to make San Francisco even more beautiful and livable.

The website allows anyone to:

See – see a non-emergency issue in your neighborhood.

Click – open a ticket describing the issue and what can be done to resolve it.

Fix – take responsibility by watching an area and solving the problem or passing it on to someone who can, such as a city official.

Here in San Francisco, your Supervisor is automatically emailed whenever a new issue in their district is reported to the site. Reported issues are visible to anyone, and anyone can comment on them.

“SeeClickFix is a resource for getting stuff fixed, whether it’s a pothole, a noise source, or a traffic choke-point. Just put your issue on the map, and city officials will hear about it. You can check out what issues your neighbors are posting too,” said Peter Schurman, a local SeeClickFix enthusiast.

Ben Berkowitz, a founder of SeeClickFix, said: “Imagine a world where every citizen feels empowered and part of their neighborhood. Imagine if everyone trusted and felt taken care of by their local government. We know there are already a lot of involved citizens and hard-working local authorities and service people. We’re using the power of the Internet to bring them closer together and reach even more people.

“No set-up time. No hiring consultants to study the issue. Just SeeClickFix,” Berkowitz continued.

See Click Fix [website]

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