We talked fast cars, now we’re talking VB, who’s listening?

Back in November, we advised Luxury High Rise Condo/hotel developers… to take note about a new car club in town and apparently One Rincon Hill did, with the addition of DRIV into their “One Club”.

“Your One Rincon Membership grants you 75 points and 900 miles (up to 11 reservation days) which are debited for each vehicle outing, giving you autonomy based on your personal preferences.”

You also get vehicle delivery to the One Rincon Hill property!

Yes, we know, the Fairmont Heritage Place at Ghirardelli Square beat them to the punch, but One Rincon Hill is the first High Rise to get the hint. We hope Millennium Tower is next, especially with the little parking situation they have there. Now if any of these developments would just start stocking residents’ refrigerators with Victoria Bitter on move in day, we’d all be a lot better off, hopefully be invited to a few house warmings, and be able to inform Ghirardelli Square that they’re setting a few trends other than chocolate. (In case you didn’t know Cellar 360 at Ghirardelli square is apparently the first place in the city to sell Victoria Bitter…yes, slabs!…and they’re f*cking good mate!)

Inside the Fairmont Heritage Place Ghirardelli Square [theFrontSteps]

Luxury High Rise Condo/hotel developers… take note [theFrontSteps]

One Rincon Hill’s Driv page [clubdriv.com]

“One Club”

Millennium Tower [theFrontSteps]

2 thoughts on “We talked fast cars, now we’re talking VB, who’s listening?

  1. we both missed the chance to meet the brewer from vb, alex. he was in town while you were in mexico and i was in thailand. bummer.

    i love that beer too. i joined their club. can’t get enough!

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