Luxury High Rise Condo/Hotel Developers, Realtors and Marketing Peeps Take Note

There is a new company in town you should be very interested in, particularly if you are catering to a high profile buyer. The company is DRIV, and the mission is simple:

Take your automotive fantasies, render them in metal and leather, and hand you the keys to a stable [read: large choice] of exquisitely prepared high performance luxury cars to enjoy at your leisure. From the inimitable refinement of an Aston Martin to the visceral driving experience of a Lamborghini; from the unrivaled heritage of a Porsche to the rarefied status of a Ferrari…

DRIV relieves you of the burdens of outright ownership.


And we say it is a phenomenal concept for luxury high rise living, and a great concept in general. Why wouldn’t a new development jump all over this? Parking is limited, many owners are only in town once or twice a year, and it could very well be something that puts a buyer over the top when deciding between two buildings. Why bother buying a new Porsche for your new pad, when a company like this can get you there cheaper and easier?

Bets on how long before One Rincon, Millenium, Infinity, St. Regis, or any of the others wise up to this idea?

Our bet: too long.

[Update: Trumped already. {Removed per request} has already purchased 20 memberships from this very club. (More on the Trump thing later.)]

Millennium Tower, Going Up [theFrontSteps]

DRIV [website]

p.s. For the record, we know the idea of a “luxury car club” is hardly new, but San Francisco has yet to adopt this in new developments. Sydney, Vancouver, and other cities have. Please, correct us if we are wrong. And no, City Car Share, free Vespas, and ZipCar don’t count.

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