More of the same for San Francisco Luxury Real Estate (2221 Baker: Sold $4.2M)

Forget the asking price ($3,795,000) and forget the selling price ($4,200,000) of this five bedroom, four bath, 4224 square foot mansion in Pacific Heights, instead focus on the DOM (11).

2221 Baker [sfnewsletter listing detail page]

6 thoughts on “More of the same for San Francisco Luxury Real Estate (2221 Baker: Sold $4.2M)

  1. Do you think SS will provide this sale update, even though they posted this example on their website? doubt it.

    [Editor’s note: He will, especially because he’s now seen it posted here.]

  2. How do you know Adam has soon it posted here? I guess i have to figure that since his full time job is to blog and check up on competitors, he must know. Why do you think he continues to highlight 1 bedrooms and such and make fun of people who didn’t make any money in real estate, while ignoring the countless examples of bidding wars and new record prices in SF? Is he just a bitter person? He was making fun of 2221 Baker St. at $3.795 million as well. I feel sorry for a 40 year old who is so bitter at life he has to find ways to put others down every single day through his blog. Is there any wonder why he’s still single?

  3. The SS post was highlighting the highly questionable pchop job on the street to make it look like it was on level ground and not one of the speeper inclines in PH. And it was hysterical if you ask me. And I think that someone over there pointed out that this property was owned by a major principle agent / broker in SF? Either way, $4.2 for this place is a steal if you ask me. The only down side is the hill and the MAJOR reconstruction on the north and south side of the listing! I honestly think this is less a point of how hot the market is and more a highlight reel of how someone who is quick to recognize a bargain can find an awesome deal. This is easily a 5-6M property IMO. Congrats to the buyers.

  4. True, i think $4.2 mil is a steal as well. Only need like $300-500,000 extra to update the 80’s style kitchen and bathrooms. I still don’t think SS will highlight this big sale b/c we know what his agenda is as a 40 year old renter in Pac Heights. These big wins just slap him in his face every time. I feel bad for him.

  5. Boy I hate to be the one to come to SS defense but the teeth are out on this one. All he did was post a highly questionable photoshop of one of your own. So I guess its fair to go after him as all is fair in love and public blogs, but this listing was not one of his typical market bashing posts. That is all.

    [Editor’s note: For the record, “we” are not going after him, a reader is…and you all know about our (not so) new comment policy. But we’d have to agree with Eddy on this one.]

  6. I agree eddy. SS highlighted the hilarious photoshopping, but with also a clear agenda to try and bad mouth and bag the property. He’ll just let this one slip by and not highlight :)

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