Comment du jour: “It sucks to be an untalented Realtor…”

We love ourselves some hot Realtors, and we also think our “average” colleagues (the rest of us) are great (even though we continually bash the not so great), but this comment by Kenny the other day in Stats & Numbers: Condos… was so blunt and in your face we had to post it.

It sucks to be an untalented Realtor or a novice Realtor right now. Those of us with clients and listings are pleasantly surprised the market has held up as well as it has, and are doing fine.

And we have to ask, “Those of us who aren’t…?”

One thought on “Comment du jour: “It sucks to be an untalented Realtor…”

  1. “Those of us who aren’t…”

    When the dot com bubble deflated, I remember there was a big spike in new MBA and law students. I was writing one recommendation letter a week…

    And then there were a lot of dot commers hanging out in thailand or whatever, just waiting for America to sort it out. My VP of eng. sold everything he had and backpacked for 9 months in europe and asia.

    And some went to get a real estate license . . .:)

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