2021 Webster Withdrawn, Market Crashes! Not so fast…

We’re going to call our very own “Eddy!” out on this magnificent post he made on what appeared to be the end of the road for 2021 Webster (you must be reading that “other” site too much, it’s affecting your logical thinking).

Your analysis would certainly delight the countless nay-sayers around the realternet (internet sites focused on real estate), but unfortunately we have bad news….it’s in contract! Yup, called on it the other day for a client, and it is, in fact, ratified. No idea on the price and terms, but she found a mate.

2021 Webster: The saga continues [Eddy! on theFrontSteps.ORG]

2021 Webster [sfnewsletter listing page]

8 thoughts on “2021 Webster Withdrawn, Market Crashes! Not so fast…

  1. Cool. Let us know how the other Webster St. house does for $1.85 ask. it’s been in ctract for a couple weeks now.

  2. Whoa there! In all fairness, we don’t know what the final selling price is of this place and I’m sure it will close with an asterik. I’ll also point out in my “Twin Vic’s” post on TFS/org — http://www.thefrontsteps.org/profiles/blog/show?id=2010353%3ABlogPost%3A3224 — that I actually did a mini-comp on 2247 and stated (for the record) that … “All of a sudden, 2021 might be closer to reality. ” Click on over for my full review.

    In all fairness, I suppose the call-out is warranted since I dedicated a few posts to it. Maybe the owner financing did the trick. :)

    I also just updated a few blog posts on .ORG as well so click my link to read those as well. Or Maybe they will get promoted :)

  3. All is fair in love and War. It will likely close with an asterisk, if it’s even reflected at all.

  4. Just got a postcard that said 2247 Webster St. “Just Sold” and with “multiple offers and over asking!” Is this possible? I thought this listing sat for a while? Alex, pls check. Thnx!

  5. ^ No… 2247 Webster was Barbara Callan’s listing. It was only on the market a couple of weeks earlier this year.

  6. Wow, can’t believe this sold for 55K over asking. I was thinking it might get $1.8 mil due to only 1 full bath, but i was doubtful.

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