Reader Reports: Eddy! steps it up again!

Nice Listing on Buena Vista

I’m not 100% sure if this is a TIC or a Condo — shame it’s not a [Single Family Home] at 4000 sq ft — but I really like this place. Clean, right across from the park and BIG. Not bad for $2.95M.

Eddy!’s favorite part, the agent remarks. [They are quite good (read: over the top), we must admit.]

147 Buena Vista embodies a level of sophistication & elegance that is encapsulated in its early 1900’s architecture & a more modern 2008 rebirth. The era has not been lost & continues to evoke a moment when San Francisco was coming of age & setting the stage to become the Paris of the Pacific. This classic Queen Anne has been melded with vogue design – a successful integration of design and historical elements define & underscore the grand scale that is so prevelant throughout.

147 Buena Vista Ave [MLS]

Nice Listing on Buena Vista [theFrontSteps.ORG, social network]

3 thoughts on “Reader Reports: Eddy! steps it up again!

  1. craig.

    I believe nobody agrees on styles. but in san francisco, I guess queen ann refers to peaked rook+round touret – and by extension to most peaked roof missing the touret.

    In that case, it could well be a round touret missing the peaked rook. An argument somhow supported by the style of the parlor panneling (original – or at least looks like from the photos) which is victorian.

    The other argumentation goes the other way. It’s not arts&carft, tudor or anything. It has to be victorian. Whitin victorian, it’s not eastlake or stick or edwardian (without a doubt). So it has to be a queen ann interpretation -with ultra classic (as in greeko-roman) features.

  2. I think 3m for a TIC with parking on the street below (Alpine)with half the square footage in the former basement is a little high!

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