In case you don’t get the sfnewsletter, we’ll bring a tid bit to you:

“Since everybody keeps telling us about it, we might as well print it (albeit a bit premature). This one will certainly blow your mind. Four fifty one (451) Avila hit the market February 29th (the first time in 60 years), asking $2,279,000, received nine offers, three of which were all around the top, and will apparently be closing not 100 or 200, no not 300 or 400, nope not 500 either, but a mere $521,000 above asking (go ahead, do the math).

Something tells us this house hasn’t seen that kind of action in at least 60 years! (Yes, that kind of action.) And what’s this about a cat included in the purchase price? ;-)”

[Update: Ask, and receive, proof of the $2.8M asking price.]

Friday April 18th, 2008 [sfnewsletter]


  1. Nevermind, i see the newsletter. How about a link proving it went for $521,000 over asking?

    [Editor’s note: Proof…also posted to front page.]

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