Wishes granted

Those of you that wished, and hoped that all the blogging would come back to this site, today is your day. theFrontSteps.ORG (our social network) will live on and flourish, and I’ll be promoting it from this site, but it is just plain silly to duplicate my blog posts here and there, and this site wins simply because of the amount of traffic it already gets. I’ll slowly be building back up to full steam blogging, but for now expect continued light postings (I’m busy with clients), and an entire week of silence (4/28-5/7…surf trip).

Thanks for your emails, feedback, and continued support.

Alex (the editor)

4 thoughts on “Wishes granted

  1. this tells me that ning does not deserve that recent valuation or any of the buzz it keeps getting.

  2. fill me in on the valuation. It does deserve it, but not for a real estate blog. It’s great for social networks and I hope to keep growing it, but food needs to get on the table and this site has been good to me.

  3. Thank the good lord. I was starting to spend too much time on Socketsite after the switch. My mental, physical, and emotional health thank you for coming back to the .com and re-establishing balance to my daily RE fix.

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