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TIC Versus Condominium, Which Holds More Value?

Answering the oh so common question in San Francisco real estate, “How much more valuable is a Condo than a TIC (Tenancy In Common)”, takes us there in a chart: [Update: If you saw a chart before that was different than this one…that was the wrong one. This is correct.] [Update 2: From “Garrett” […]

Ask Us: Do We Have To Use Bank Of Marin?

Where readers ask and we (the community) try to answer: Hi! My husband and I are considering purchasing a TIC unit in the Marina. The owners currently have fractional loans through the Bank of Marin. If we did purchase, would we be locked in to their loan rate/term or could we negotiate? Could we work […]

One Partner In A TIC Defaults, The Other Paid Cash: What Happens

Pulled from the intertubes: “Does anyone have experience with a client who bought into a 2 unit TIC and paid all cash and the partner had a loan? In particular, what type of legal protection did they get in case of loan default by the mortgaged TIC partner. Answers ========================= It should be covered under […]

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