Battle Royale: San Francisco Or London, If You Had To Choose…

The reader comment that sparked the idea for this post, and hopefully fun debate to follow: “I’m an American living in London for the last 3 years and there is no doubt that London is more civilised and cultured than either New York or SF. My children have benefited greatly from the vastly superior free education here. The average Londoner is far, far better educated and has vacationed widely in Europe and the world. This means that the creative and cultural scene in London is geared to a much higher cultural level than in the US. Much of NY culture is geared to a low to medium level to reflect this. Just watch BBC news compared to the US news networks. London simply feels that it is centre of world culture today and more multicultural than New York or SF. We Americans can learn a lot from this city as it definately holds the crown.”

To add a little history to these “Battle Royales“…We’ve done a few over the years that have varied from topic to topic: New York City or San Francisco; LA or SF; Cole Valley or Noe Valley; Realtor or Politician; and the list goes on. They’ve been read thousands of times over, and it’s your comments that make them so great and the reason people keep coming back to read more.

The way we see it…

London has an iconic Bridge:
San Francisco has an iconic Bridge:
London has English Premier League Football and plays host to such teams as Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham United, Chelsea, and Fulham:
San Francisco has just one team, the “World” (perhaps National would be a better word?) Champion San Francisco Giants (can’t count the 49ers, as they’re moving to Santa Clara, but watch out for those Golden State Warriors looking to plant their roots on San Francisco soil):
London has tea:
San Francisco has great coffee now around every corner:
London has the Double Decker Bus:
San Francisco has the Cable Car:
London is the home of Her Majesty the Queen of England:
San Francisco has its share of “Queens” too:
London is proud of their Fish and Chips:
San Francisco is proud of their Dungeness Crab:

London has COLD surf nearby:
San Francisco has COLD and BIG surf nearby:
So you see, both places have their pluses and minuses, and that’s our two cents, but we really want to hear from all of you readers, you readers on both sides of the Pond.

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Believe it or not, people from around the world often refer to these “Battles” when researching this wonderful city we call home, and whether or not they’d like to live here, and if they do move here, which area would be the best place for them.

Go Giants..and Tottenham Hotspurs!

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