Douche Bag Realtor Debate Do-Over

From “How to Find a Real Estate Agent (without really trying)”

And there she was, in the midst of an open house, falling all akimbo down the stairs, yelping in surprise and fear on her way down. At the bottom, the real estate agent, who’d been busy the entire time glancing admiringly in the home’s many reflective surfaces, peered down at Kathy where she lay sprawled upon the floor, and rather than offering her a hand,looked at her as though she were a dog that had just come in from the rain. Well, Kathy could have bought that house if she’d wanted it, impractical stairs and all. But who would want to work with an agent like that?

A good real estate agent is sort of like a good neighborhood restaurant. You don’t want to tell too many people, for fear that once the word gets around, you won’t ever be able to get in the door.

Is it really that bad out there? It’s true we’ve seen our share of arrogant (a-hole) Realtors, so why can’t we weed out the douche bags? How is it that they keep getting business? The short answer is that like minds think alike…the sellers are likely douche bags too! Did you ever think of that! These people are getting hired by someone that thinks they’re good. Just because they rub us wrong, doesn’t mean they rub the seller wrong. In fact, maybe the seller likes that trait!

Something tells me we didn’t get the full story here. Maybe the argument should focus more on the buyer (stranger walking into someone’s home in soaking wet shoes and slipping down the stairs on a rainy day….did you think to take your shoes off!?) and less on the agent. Just a thought. Or maybe the title should be, “How to advertise your home for sale on SF Gate (without really paying)” instead, because the Realtors are lame, idiotic, worse than car salesman argument has been played out. That horse is good and dead. But that was one helluva good plug (including two photos) of your soon-to-be-for sale home.

So what else can we talk about?

How about, sometimes Open Houses are sooooo incredibly boring and a monumental waste of time that any person that walks through the door is likely only to briefly snap the agent out of their state of disbelief (you know the feeling when you first wake up in the morning or you just get hit by a truck…there is a time delay before your senses work again) that they’re spending yet another Sunday sitting at an Open House that is nowhere near the right price it should be and if the seller would just snap out of their denial the price could be dropped, people would show up, the phone would ring, the home would be sold, the agent could again spend quality time with her family, she could get some shopping done, perhaps go on vacation (leaving mobile phone behind), perhaps enjoy Sunday brunch, or maybe just have a “normal” life? Or maybe….

“How to Find a Real Estate Agent (without really trying)” [SFGate]

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