Maximum Overbid: Sunset Surprise

Overbids are entertaining, but skeptical housing watchers always have to wonder whether they’re the result of real market forces or just canny sellers pricing low (although arguably the latter IS a market force–just not necessarily one we account for a lot of the time). It’s always more fun to imagine that the top seller for the week was a sincere surprise for everyone involved.

In this case, if the sale of 1479 34th Avenue surprises anyone, they’ve got good reason: After just nine days, this three bed, two bath Outer Sunset setup cleared $2.2 mllion, a spike of nearly 47.5 percent compared to what it was originally asking.

The reason this might qualify as a surprise is that it actually makes 1479 34th one of the most expensive Outer Sunset homes sold all year: Since January 1, only six other houses in this neighborhood netted more than that at sale, and one of those by only another $5,000.

What’s the secret? The ad called this one a “Rousseau-style” house–meaning, seemingly, not a real Rousseau, but certainly pretty enough for it. And now it’s got a pretty price to match.

AddressBR/BA/UnitsDOMList PriceSold PriceOverbid
1479 34th Avenue3/2.00/N/A9$1,495,000$2,205,00047.49%
107 Monterey Boulevard2/2.00/N/A9$1,049,000$1,475,00040.61%
1422 18th Avenue2/1.00/9$988,000$1,370,00038.66%
947 Edinburgh Street3/3.00/N/A18$898,000$1,230,00036.97%
2431 24th Street4/2.00/N/A11$1,899,000$2,600,00036.91%
198 El Verano Way4/4.00/N/A7$2,950,000$4,005,00035.76%
504 46th Avenue3/2.00/13$995,000$1,350,00035.68%
22 Granada Avenue3/2.00/N/A11$959,000$1,301,00035.66%
627 Congo Street2/1.00/N/A11$1,095,000$1,450,00032.42%
1315 Laguna Street2/1.00/515$549,000$725,00032.06%

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