Check Mate! One day on the market and in escrow (2401 Divisadero)

It’s really only the kitchen floors that inspired the title “Check Mate”, or is it the quote from Eddy! that came along with his email?

[One] Day on market. In Escrow. I’d written about this one on [theFrontSteps.ORG] in the old days.

Buyers are out there and ready to strike!

We’d have to agree the high end buyers are out there, as are the mid-range buyers, but what about the low end?

2401 Divisadero [MLS]

8 thoughts on “Check Mate! One day on the market and in escrow (2401 Divisadero)

  1. I’ve noticed that higher end buyers don’t mind the galley kitchen. I’ve seen this again and again. Wonder if it’s ’cause they aren’t doing the cookin.

  2. fluj – so funny.

    I do the cooking, (like for 5 and all from scratch, including home made ketchup) – and this is close to a perfect kitchen floor plan: you dont have to run a marathon of 23.646 steps while preparing your food.

    Galley kitchen are very tricky. empty space in the middle can easily be too wide or two narrow – and from the picture (I havent been in person), it looksjust about right.

    btw: too wide is worse, from far, than too narrow.

  3. Any 3bedroom 2.5+ bath priced close to $2million should sell well. How many sqft is this?

    $2-2.4 million is now the new affordable level for SFH by manyy dual income earnings.

  4. Hi there

    Just curious.. how much are people putting down at the 2.0 – 2.4M level and is it normally from a previous sale?


  5. Mac – I think in general people put down $600-1mil for a $2mil home, and $1-1.3 mil for a 2.4 mil home.

    People don’t want mortgages much more than $1.1 mil b/c of the tax implications.

  6. mac,

    There is no such thing as “normal” in San Francisco. Many buyers get money from family, many families live together in one house pooling their money, many buyers suddenly come upon a ton of wealth, and then there are the others that “typically” put down at the very least 20% on a $2-2.4M, either because they’ve been saving their money for a while, have extra, or just sold their home and are upgrading. Many more are putting down more than that, and still more are paying all cash. Hope that helps.

  7. There is BIG TIME Bank of Mom and Dad in SF. I know people who are 30 getting help from the parents!

  8. Just closed Escrow at $2.425 — 10% over asking. This place was under-priced to begin with, but wow…. 10% in one day, either this was sold before it hit the market, or there was a bidding war. The close price of $2.425 reeks of a buyer trying to ‘not lose the house’ over 25k. So my guess is that there was a 1-day auction here.

    Anyone got the scoop?

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