Millennium Tower: A “First Look” inside

If you’ve kept up with this site, you should be getting a grasp of what’s happening with Millennium Tower. Sales have been brisk, construction is moving along, the views are incredible, and now the inside:

Anyone fancy a bath (insert British accent here).

Very nice finishes.

Views from a corner 1 bedroom unit.

Of course we have more photos! But that’s all you get right now. If you can’t wait, or have more questions, you know what to do.

All things Millennium Tower [theFrontSteps]

3 thoughts on “Millennium Tower: A “First Look” inside

  1. Of course there are dishwashers! At that price point, they’d be nuts if they didn’t put them in. I think it is right next to the sink area. They are finished the same as the cabinets so they blend in.

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