Millennium Tower: Dem some views, eh?

Since we’re on the subject of Millennium Tower, and their apparent record price per square foot, we thought we’d share some more good stuff.

We know, we know… you’ve seen the daytime views from the top of Millennium Tower in the papers, on other blogs, and everywhere else in between, but we all know the true partyers come out at night. Right?

Views towards Berkeley/Oakland (East)


Views towards Marin (Northwest)


Views towards San Jose (South/Southeast)


You can rest assured those views are from, or close to, the top.


4 thoughts on “Millennium Tower: Dem some views, eh?

  1. Great job with the pics Alex! How was the activity this weekend?

    [Editor’s note: At Millennium Tower?]

  2. uh, Transamerica Pyramid, “Tweezer Towers”, and Coit Tower, are north of the Millennium Tower. San Jose is south. Nice pix tho….

    [Editor’s note: As stated. Captions are above each photo. Are we missing something?]

  3. Hi Alex, just the market in general. How was this weekends activity, if any during the long weekend? I’m generally always in Tahoe on the weekends, so I miss out. Snowing everyday this week, so I won’t be in town again this weekend for sure! ;)


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