Bernal Heights strikes again (145 Coso…$309,000 over)

We’re not making this up, but it might help answer the question, “is Bernal on Fuego or Hielo?” All pricing issues aside, this is a pretty damn good find. Thanks Garrett:

145 Coso, a 3-bed, 2-bath, 13 days on the market and $309,000 above asking, which brings the sales price to $1,408,000 in Bernal. No kidding.


On a different note. You see that tall building in the background? That is One Rincon Hill. It seems so close, but is yet so far…especially when talking SF real estate.  For those that say the increased inventory in buildings like that, and all the other new developments popping up in SOMA, will have an effect on homes like this…think again.

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9 thoughts on “Bernal Heights strikes again (145 Coso…$309,000 over)

  1. Wow, I would have NEVER thought homes in Bernal would break the $1.2 million mark in my lifetime. Guess i was wrong!


  2. I guess you have not thought much then in the last few years since this has been happening for quite some time in bernal.

  3. Last time I was in Bernal was literally 6 years ago. I thought it was a OK place, but i had to drive 30 blocks past the Mission before getting to Bernal. Hence, I thought… nobody would logically pay up to live in The Mission, therefore definitely nobody would pay up to live in Bernal? I was wrong.

    Nothing against Mission or Bernal, I’d just rather live elsewhere.

  4. this place was priced 300k below where it should have been, according to my sources

    [Editor’s note: Would have to agree, although I have not seen it. Maybe Greg or Garrett has? Regardless, $1.4M in Bernal. Nutty!]

  5. 1.4M for a double wide lot..not so nutty if you ask me. there’s been tons of homes that have sold in the low to mid 1M range in bernal. 215 montcalm sold for 1.55 M recently. it’s not as rare of a sight as people are making it out to be.

    [Editor’s note: We stand corrected. Thank you and Garrett for your insight.]

  6. though the house was under priced, i did not expect to see it get bid up as high as it did. i did visit the house and i left thinking that the outdoor space was fantastic, the views were dramatic (from some parts of the house) and that it was a nice house. i did not however think it would sell for as much as it did and to be frank, i’m not sure what comparable properties were used to determine the final purchase price. to piggy back off of lily, there have been 13 homes that have sold in bernal heights in the last year for $1.3mm or more. i sold one of them (77 Montezuma St) for $1.35mm and to me, it was a more dramatic, architecturally significant home and it was right around the corner from Coso.

  7. I went to this house, and it’s pretty unique – as are alot of places on Bernal’s North Slope – especially the few with double lots. There’s another house up the street on Aztec from this one that was on the market for an equally short time and also has a sale pending – with an asking price of $1.350 – and it’s only a single lot.

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