3130 Pacific, Priced to sell at $12,495,000 and sold at $14,000,000

A little update on the little house on the Hill, 3130 Pacific that spent a whopping seven days on the market…It is sold, multiple offers for $14,000,000, or roughly 12% over, and a healthy price per square foot of $1,697.  [Update: We almost forgot…CASH!] You heard it here first. [Second Update: The lots were sold in August 2003 for $3,850,000, so this $14MM, combined with the next door $15MM, makes for a pretty good flip, we’d say.]


3130 Pacific [mls]

3 thoughts on “3130 Pacific, Priced to sell at $12,495,000 and sold at $14,000,000

  1. As crazy as this is to type – that doesn’t surprise me. They did an unreal job of replicating a true Arts and Crafts home — once inside you had the sense the home had been there for years – add to that every possible modern amenity – I was a HUGE fan.

    I couldn’t go past 13.5 — lost out. ( :

  2. Greg,

    I would have to agree with you. This place was done very, very well, and I too was blown away how they made something brand new look like it had been there for years. I was, however, a bit disappointed with the kitchen (can’t remember exactly what it was, but bells are ringing in my head reminding me I didn’t like something in the kitchen.) That’s not to say I wouldn’t enjoy making a few fresh lime margaritas in there from time to time.

    I remember when those lots were vacant, hit the market, and sold in the blink of an eye. I remember thinking then…those developers just hit the lottery…and here we see it.

  3. Great update! Keep up the good work! I wonder who is buying these type of properties?

    Too bad 1771 North Point’s sales price won’t be revealed! One thing is for sure, a new record high for a SFH row house in The Marina that’s for sure!


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