888 7th Street, 85% sold and looking for your $399,000

According to more Realtor Spam (it’s really getting out of control, but some of it is useful):

888 7th Street

Just a reminder, we are about 85% sold at our new building at 888 7th Street in the Showplace Square/lower Potrero area. We have a limited number of junior one bedrooms homes available starting at $399,000. We have a limited number of one bedroom homes available starting at $499,000. These are great prices and great deals for first time home buyers.


More on 888 7th Street [theFrontSteps]


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  1. so now, the question of the hour…

    do you live at 888 7th street for sub $400K or do ya live at 380 Monterey for sub $400k? http://thefrontsteps.com/2008/07/08/sub-400k-at-380-monterey-101/

    (alex, thank me later for the new post idea ;)

  2. 79% (170/216) of the units are BMRs that were sold long ago, pre-construction, so “85% sold” means that only a few market rate units have sold.

  3. so if 170 units are BMR, they can not be sold at market rate in the future and can not be rented out? is that how the BMR program work?

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