Real estate and NBA free agency, and the Warriors post BD

Saw this today: Basketball star Elton Brand places…


Apparently Elton Brand is going SOMEWHERE. We still don’t know whether it’s going to be to the Warriors or not. I guess the story is that the salary cap and luxury tax thresholds are released tonight. From those teams determine how much they can pay players. Elton Brand has been stringing three teams (the LA Clippers, the Warriors, and the Philadelphia 76ers) along for a week at this point. But it’s now on the fast track!

Any other Dubs fans out there in The Front Steps’ audience?

— Fluj

16 thoughts on “Real estate and NBA free agency, and the Warriors post BD

  1. no we’re talking Fluj – the Warriors are gonna snag Maggette – a much better option as Brand is more a traditional low post player and Corey can run the court and bring that 22 point per game average up to the Bay Area!

    Monte at the point is a big question mark – but if we get Maggett – Monte, Maggette and Jackson are a nice 3 to work with.

    Brand to the Sixers.

  2. Would love to get in on this with you guys, but honestly, I don’t follow basketball. The little time I get to watch the tele is consumed by dumb ass reality tv, cycling, futbol, and surfing (insert skiing/snowboarding in winter). But nice post Fluj!

  3. He have plenty of PF’s there just a few years out from being ready. We drafted two and traded J Rich for one last year. I think Maggette is a good get, a chucker for sure but so was Baron. Still need more point, we should have money since Baron left to get someone decent.

  4. I agree. Maggette solves a need. Elton Brand would have been great but no use crying over spoiled milk. The Warriors have not had a reliable 3, like, ever. Pietrus never could step up to win the slot. Jackson is a better 2, tho he can defend the 3. I like this move. Now bring on a point guard. Al Harrington can probably fetch somebody pretty good, you would think. (Please, please, please, Chris Mullin do not let it be Jamal Tinsley.)

  5. still a little edgy when it comes to players with a history of injuries (like brand). call it the rich harden defense. i’m just worried that by getting maggette, the w’s are just installing a new jrich in the offense, this time minus the dynamic point guard. espn rumor is that mullin is asking about kirk heinrich and his awful haircut, though…

  6. Hinrich would be great. I would love to see that. He is pass first and a smart player. Maggette is a better shooter than J Rich, and cheaper.

  7. Warriors are a joke. I’m going to ask for a refund on my season tickets. Maggette is injury prone, more so than Brand. Question for all your warriors fan, who do you expect to play the 4 and rebound for the team? Corey cant do it, Capt. Jack, Monte, Barnes, can’t do it. Worse of all, we still have Harrington. AB (Biedrins) was good because of Baron. He has no post up game.

    From what I heard this morning, the Warriors signed Turiaf from the Lakers for $4 million a year. Add in Maggette’s 9 million a year and we just blew our cap space.

    No PG, NO PF and No more playoffs for the next 10 years. Great job Mullin and Cohan.

    Funny how people think Maggette was the answer. Josh Smith and Baron would have made an awesome team with all the young players.

  8. Turiaf is a 4. Hendrix is a 4. Wright is a 4. Harrington is a 3/4. Turiaf can board against anybody.

  9. Baron spit in the Bay Area face – don’t blame ownership – guy left for what he thought were greener pastures so he could play ball and be Mr Hollywood.

    Turiaf is all D – rebound and outlet – doesn’t look for his shot or need to look for his shot – so that’s a nice pickup. Wright is going to be a beast in this league — just needs to grow – he’s only a college jr so let’s give him time. Maggette is not THE ANSWER – but given we lost a scorer and dynamic offensive player in Baron, I love the pick up and I think the squad has a bright future.

  10. Turiaf is a 4 that cant score. Hendrix is a undersized 4. Wright is a skinny 4 that will get pushed around in the paint. Harrington is a 3/4 that loves to miss open 3’s and cant guard a statue. Turiaf can board against anybody but catch the ball.

    Did I miss anything?

    Do you think any of these guys can guard the Duncan’s, Amare’s, Shaq’s, Gasol of the West? If not, we are stuck again with no cap to get better players.

    As for Hinirich please say no. The guy makes over 10 Million a year.

    look at the starting 5






    That looks like a winning team?

    Who’s the backup PG? Who’t eh backup C?

    Randolph, Bellinelli, Wright will be good… but not now.

    Good work Mullin! Remember him giving big contracts to Fisher, Murphy, Dunleavy and my favorite FOYLE!! Foyle cap # is still on our salary for this year.

  11. wow… alot of Warrior’s talk.

    Baron did not spit on the Bay Area and yes I blame management. Baron wanted a new deal 5/$65M. Warriors said no, which I can’t blame.

    Ok, we now have 16 MIL in cap space to sign anyone.

    We signed Maggette for 9 MIL

    and Turiaf for 4 MIL. This is where I blame management.

    Keep the cap space and wait till we get someone who can lead this team. Let the younger players play and wait till AH’s contract is gone. Both the above players can’t lead the team. We are now stuck with this team for the next 5 years. You think this is a good thing?

  12. 1. I wouldn’t sign an injury prone Baron Davis to a long term contract.

    2. I think Maggette is a good sign – he’s going to flourish in the uptempo style the W’s play and I think with Monte and Jax on the court, along with Maggette, they form a difficult 3 some to deal with.

    3. I have yet to officially read we signed Turiaf – so i’ll hold off on my comments.

    Shaq has 1 year left – you don’t build a team worrying about him.

    Duncan – and he’s my boy – a Deacon grad – is in the waning portion of his career – you don’t build a team to defend 1 guy and the W’s give him fits in match up’s on the other end

    The W’s will continue to struggle on D until their youth get minutes and experience. I believe that Wright is 1 season away from being a legit player in the league – if you tell me you have:

    Monte / Jax / Maggette / Write and Andre – I think that team is a playoff team.

    Obviously they need to upgrade the backup PG position – I wouldn’t be surprised to see that happen shortly.

  13. I agree you don’t build a team to guard one player but you need a solid PG and Low Post player to compete in the league. As of now, we have neither. In two years Wright might get there.

    Does anyone know that Maggette is more injury prone than Baron?

  14. all i know is that i love knowing that so many hoops fans are on this site.

    monte at the point worries me.

    changing (sort of) the subject: anyone get out to the sf pro-am summer league games? you want to see some hungry guys playing no defense and scoring in the 100s, it can’t be beat. admission is free, too.

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