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San Francisco Real Estate Market Values In A Fun Interactive Grap...

So we’ve heard from Realtor Economists, we’ve heard from our Association of Realtors, and looky there! Now we get to hear what Zillow thinks the real estate market is doing! Fantastic! Have a look at San Francisco Home Values: — Now have a look at San Francisco Median Sales Price (Holy Crap Batman! It looks […]

More Sara, Less Zestimate

Having just spent 4:45 of our lives watching this entire spiel about “while the Zestimate’s fun to kind of get an idea…”, it’s really not accurate so don’t waste your time, we’re left with a few thoughts. 1. Sara is cute 2. Sara’s lip gloss sparkles 3. Sara’s hair shines, but how would it look […]

Ah Zillow, You’re Still Getting All Of This Attention

We’re just going to keep our lips sealed on this and quote the email we received: I’ve come across several properties for sale where the Zillow page was not accurate. [No Way! Seriously…okay, we couldn’t resist.] I understand if the listing agent doesn’t want to “deal” with Zillow (doesn’t believe in zillow, doesn’t want the […]…Waste More Time

A reader kindly forwarded us to a “new” website called, Neighborcity and we gotta say, aren’t Trulia, and Zillow enough? We didn’t see anything on this site worth discussing that isn’t already found elsewhere. To us, this site is a complete waste of time. Focus your time on Trulia, Zillow (if you must to get […]

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