Ah Zillow, You’re Still Getting All Of This Attention

We’re just going to keep our lips sealed on this and quote the email we received:

I’ve come across several properties for sale where the Zillow page was not accurate. [No Way! Seriously…okay, we couldn’t resist.]

I understand if the listing agent doesn’t want to “deal” with Zillow (doesn’t believe in zillow, doesn’t want the zillow liability, doesn’t want/have access etc.), but I don’t understand why a listing agent would mess up the Zillow page by adding one line of information that is not accurate, appropriate, systematic, professional – you name it.

My question to sellers: Do you expect your listing agent to do a good job on the Zillow page? Do you check? Would you specifically request it (written in contract)?

My question to agents: What are your best arguments 1. To stay away from the zillow page of your listing 2. To mess up the page (*) or 3. To update the listing in a thorough and professional manner (with or without the help of the seller).

(*) Mess up= update only part of the information so Zillow will not be able to accuratly record the sale. I’m specifically mad at the description paragraph when using unreadable abbreviations [even though] zillow is free, with unlimited space, and THE place to babble at will about the property (including, but not limited to mentioning the websites related to that listing.)


…holding back all further snarky Zillow comments.

4 thoughts on “Ah Zillow, You’re Still Getting All Of This Attention

  1. Zillow drives me nuts. Im not a realtor, but I recently purchased. What’s up with the low-ball price estimates? Why is their model so damn flawed?

  2. Hi, it’s David G from Zillow.com,

    I’d also love to have the answer to those questions!

    Lone –

    Can you be more specific. Zestimates are estimates and aren’t intended to be the final word on home values but I’m not sure what you mean by the “low-ball” comment.

  3. Hey David G,

    I’ve personally written to the black hole (Zillow) to correct property info and NO ONE has ever responded. Our entire building is a listing mess of misinformation. Is there anyone who cares at Zillow?

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