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San Francisco Real Estate Market Values In A Fun Interactive Graph (Courtesy Of Zillow)

So we’ve heard from Realtor Economists, we’ve heard from our Association of Realtors, and looky there! Now we get to hear what Zillow thinks the real estate market is doing! Fantastic!

Have a look at San Francisco Home Values:


Now have a look at San Francisco Median Sales Price (Holy Crap Batman! It looks like Prices are all over the map!):


In all seriousness, their graphs are pretty cool and certainly fun to play around with, and if you look at their charts, our values have clearly hit a bottom and are going up, baby!!!!

Rent vs. Own Interactive Graph [theFrontSteps]
Zillow Home Values For San Francisco



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One thought on “San Francisco Real Estate Market Values In A Fun Interactive Graph (Courtesy Of Zillow)”

  • Land for Sale

    November 20, 2009 at 3:20 pm

    It really shows what a mess the market has been. Both graphs show an increase for the San Francisco area during 2009. I wonder if the increases in sales for these areas are partly due to the tax credit. Sales in the Portland OR area have begun to level and in some areas increase due to the incentives. Perhaps it is the same here as well. This is great info. It really shows what we have been through. Good info to keep a watch on from now on. Thanks.


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