Parking Love Letters, San Francisco Style & The Red DPT Curb

Judging by the hand-writing, we’d say the author of this love letter was female, approximately 38-45 years old (not a Cougar), mother of….we’ll say two, likely drives a Volvo or Mercedes “SUV”, we’re thinking blond hair, light colored eyes, ponytail, and definitely not the life of the party. You?


Happy Friday…somebody needs a f*cking cocktail!

[Editor’s Note: According to a follow up email from the person that sent the “love letter”, the car was not blocking the driveway like this, but was apparently “not even hanging over one inch into the drive, but definitely blocked the 1 foot of red DPT paint on the curb.”]

[Update: The discussion has begun, and if you’d care to comment on more than this love letter…specifically whether the red DPT curb (fake or not) can have legal implications, you’re cordially invited to join in.]

The $65,000 Parking Spot (P138)

How much is a parking spot worth in San Francisco? Let’s wait and see: 88 Townsend P138…just the parking spot, on the market, asking price…$65,000. Days On Market…30 and counting.


That’s one fine parking spot, and if you play your cards right they might throw in an oil pan and that shitty bike. Wait, maybe it’s that shitty bike that is freeing up the parking spot and greening the air we breathe! We take the previous “that shitty bike” comment back. We like that bike. Do you like that spot? It’s yours for $65,000. Don’t tempt fate either, “[or] Kiss Your Car Goodbye”:


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The Double Whammy: SUV And Motorcycle BOTH Blocking The Sidewalk

What started as an innocent post about a car hanging a couple feet over two driveways during the Outside Lands festival, quickly turned into a very heated discussion as to what exactly constitutes a Spot Or Not in San Francisco. The follow up post referenced a motorcycle on the sidewalk and whether that is a legitimate spot or not. In the comments on that thread we pointed out the motorcycle was not the only vehicle this person owned, and that they also had a black, gas-guzzling GMC. Well, what to do when BOTH of their vehicles continually turn up on the sidewalk?
We know what we have done…nothing but snap a few photos. What we really want to know is what you would do, and what you think about when you see this type of thing.

Spot or Not: Motorcycles on the Sidewalk

As if to kick me when I’m down, our neighbor has recently (the past few months) decided that the best spot to park his Harley Davidson that rattles the windows and sets off car alarms, drips oil and gas, and generally annoys the hell out of us, is on the sidewalk.

So I ask again, Spot or Not?

In this photo the motorcycle is actually closer to the curb than it usually is. Most often, it’s smack dab in the middle of the sidewalk. When you have young children ripping down the sidewalk on skateboards, a Harley kind of gets in the way. Doncha think? Or should they just learn to ollie over it?

What to do? It’s a dilemma.

Spot or Not: Parking in San Francisco

There was some sort of Blue Grass concert thing going on in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park this weekend (not much of a hippie myself), and parking in my area (Central Richmond) was nothing short of a joke. Speaking of joke, this guy parked in our driveway and clearly was already wasted, and it begs the question, how much over is over?


Generally, if I can in any way shape or form get my car in or out, I’m not calling (for the record, I have never called a tow truck.) Maybe it’s because I used to valet and can maneuver just about any jalopy into any position. But seriously, if you parked in a spot hanging over about four feet in the front and at least two feet in the back, would you get out of the car and say, “Oh, we totally fit. Let’s go.”?

The neighbors called to have them towed (not something I’d do, especially since I didn’t need to leave), and my wife and I felt horrible for them. (Imagine having fun at a concert and coming back to find your car missing.) But that’s just us. What do you think?

Is this a spot or not?