Easter is here, we are not.

It’s time for a little R&R, a little Vodka, and lots of good food. The BLOG is on Easter break. We’ll be back next week, recharged, and with all kinds of good stories. Thanks to you, our readers, we quadrupled our readership this last week.  So thank you, and keep spreading the word.  –Pysanka (Ukranian … Continue reading Easter is here, we are not.

The Power of Purple

We present: 200 Corbett, a 3 bed, 2 bath, single family home built in 1908 just hitting the market. We had the pleasure of checking it out, and we must say, it is pretty damn sweet, and yet another unique property that makes you love the real estate here. (Yes, that is a Breville Die-Cast … Continue reading The Power of Purple

My client walked…

We just got this over the cyber-waves from one of our members… “Just wanted to let you know that despite the market being ‘down’, my clients just walked from their transaction with a $343,467.89 profit.  They bought 4 years ago.  That is after deductions they calculated as ‘lost’ for repairs, payments, etc.”  Hmmm. [Editor’s note-The transaction was … Continue reading My client walked…

A reader vs. Lembi (David v. Goliath?)

One of our readers, who happens to be a very excellent, savvy, and successful real estate investor, sends us this little message: “I have been out-bid by a substantial margin twice in the last 3 weeks by Lembi. It seems that he will buy anything far above the highest bid and he is not a TIC … Continue reading A reader vs. Lembi (David v. Goliath?)

You on the list?

Who’s going to take the cake for buying up all the multi-unit in the city?  Of course they don’t give an award for that, but they should.  Know the answer? Here’s a hint, it kind of rhymes with Bambi, and a previous post, Word on the multi-family street, could provide a clue. When: Thursday, March 22, … Continue reading You on the list?

Houston begins MLS data upload on Google, SF next?

Apparently the Houston Association of Realtors has begun uploading their MLS onto Google.    The news of Google and the Houston MLS is not new, we just heard the “dump” has begun.    –Inman News Article (registration required) –Inman Discussion on the topic of sharing MLS –webpronews.com –Silicon Valley Business Journal

$19,767,441.86 price per acre in SoMa on Natoma

660-662 Natoma, an Ellised building with plans for a four unit with garage just sold for $850,000, which is not at all surprising or newsworthy.  We just thought the price per acre was interesting.  The lot is .043 acres, or 1875 square feet. This is what we call reading the fine print.  Link to Map The … Continue reading $19,767,441.86 price per acre in SoMa on Natoma

A reason we live here, and a good time to sell

Ever wish you could see the Bridge from here?   Surprisingly every October when these things buzz our town, a lot of people complain of the noise, the rattling windows, and the deafening roar.  But we love it!  It usually means our Indian Summer is here, which is a great time to sell and list property.  The … Continue reading A reason we live here, and a good time to sell

Follow Up to 300 Sea Cliff at $25,000,000

….and we’re back.   First of all, we acknowledge that this home was our Stalefish of the Year. We must say those pictures we posted do not do the home justice, and we’re a bit upset that we forgot our camera.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and we really don’t want to write a … Continue reading Follow Up to 300 Sea Cliff at $25,000,000