Can House sell a House?

I couldn’t help but notice the amount of house music played over the speakers of many of the properties I have seen lately.  It brings up an interesting thought for some recent sales, or listings in our city.  Is it the House, or house that sells? 

  • 287 28th Ave., first showing was yesterday, and it was bees to a hive (house music).
  • 2855 Pacific, this property listed for $7.7MM, has been on the market 11 days, and appears to have an accepted offer. Not bad. Not bad at all (house music).  If you missed your chance, don’t fret, the house next door…
  • 2863 Pacific is still ripe for picking at $7,750,000 (No music, they need a little house.)
  • Then of course there was the Soma Grand, buzzing with interest and talk (house music).
  • The the Infinity, selling quickly (house music, also on their website).
  • A little Basic Instinct helped sell this gem a couple years back for a cool $13MM cash (okay, tangent to sex).

Maybe a little Metallica would help sell this $12.5 million Stalefish ™ (Does Kirk like house?) 

2 thoughts on “Can House sell a House?

  1. Stats on the real estate markets ups and downs are great to see, but we can take from the information provided that buyers need to see that as demand in areas where there is a lot of grown will also see high levels of fall off when competing with new homes from builders. SF is always a great location because there is no land to build on and demand will always always be high. Buyers need to look at supply as well as value and potential new developments to protect value gain

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