1. I hope that the “flipper” gets there price, but I feel like they overpayed on the front end and didn’t put in top notch baths. So it’s really Deck, Yard, Paint Kitchen, and staging. $800K more. I always shy away from cosmetic flips because I think the value isn’t there after transactions, but this will prove me wrong. Good luck Mr. Flipper

  2. I think this place looks really nice. A lesser place on Shrader recently sold for right around this price, but the location is better there. How much of a difference does that make? This house is impressive and large and open and clean with nice decks and the yard is just ok as it is a bit small. Not sure what they were thinking with the stones in the grass. It’s a hazard for kids and I would think if you need a house this large, you would have children of some age. Alex – Please keep us updated on what this sells for if it does sell.


  3. It is a nice flip. Though, whats with the last picture in the listing? The one with two vases: one bright orange, and the other with a blue fish. Maybe the agent is trying to show off their softer, artistic side, but its not even that great of a photo.

  4. Schrader street, if it’s the one I’m thinking of is not this nice. But, it’s a much better nieghborhood, not on a buzy street, more walkable to commerse, and has views. So is it worth more, for sure.

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