Name It and Claim It

We thought about trying a little something new here on theFrontSteps for your Friday. That is to test your knowledge of your surroundings, since we’re all experts right? ;-)

It goes like this: we post a picture of something in San Francisco, you name it and claim it (your uberknowledge of San Francisco and its environs). We’ll start off fairly easy, and hopefully get harder and harder should this idea gain traction. Feel free to submit photos ([email protected]), but if you do, make sure to tell us exactly what it is and where you find it.

What reads on the blue arrow you can’t see? Where is it….exactly?

A good reason to get out and explore this weekend.

Have fun! Happy Friday.

8 thoughts on “Name It and Claim It

  1. something tells me you have to surf to know this sign! i’ll wait for the pics of the headstones at Lincoln Park GG ; )

  2. “god, this is disgusting. you’re gonna make us all barf.”

    So did you hurl or what? The suspense is killing us.

  3. The other sign says “Gainesville Fl”, but I can’t remember the miles.

    [Editor’s note: Close enough. Nice work! On to the next one….]

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