Ask Us: My boss is looking to “find a nice place to rent for his family”

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Where can my boss find a nice place to rent for his family [includes 10 year old son] where they won’t be the only parents in their neighborhood?

Our answer…are you kidding!? This is a loaded question, so we’re going to go ahead and link to the most detailed SF map we’ve ever found online, and you readers can feel free to throw darts at it claiming the best neighborhood for a family with a 10 year old son. It’s probably not going to be La Mission, and we certainly expect to hear some Noe Valley Neighbors chime in, but will we hear from the Western Addition, or Bayview/ Hunters Point crowd?

We all want to know. As for where to find that rental, like most, we’d suggest Craigslist.

Thanks for the email. Readers?

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18 thoughts on “Ask Us: My boss is looking to “find a nice place to rent for his family”

  1. I like the Inner Sunset which is before 19th Avenue. Lots of shops, people, kids, strollers. Stay closer to Golden Gate Park side of the neighborhood though or you can be in the middle of nowhere where walking to stores is a pain. Also, the Outer Sunset is nice up to 35th Avenue and generally has more houses for rent, but stay away from Lincoln or 19th Avenue which have too much traffic. Again stay close to the park. Irving has some shops that run until about 27th Avenue. Cole Valley is really nice, but overpriced. If money is not an issue, I would say Cole Valley is nicer, but must have parking spot. Inner Richmond closer to Lake St is also nice, but stay away from busy, dirty Geary Blvd. Mountain Lake Park is cool for kids.

  2. Inner Sunset, I agree there. Lot’s of good family neighborhoods are also heavy ownership neighborhoods, so there are less rentals to go around.

    Marina- I would rent and not own there with kids.

    Noe V.-Lot’s of kids, good number of rentals

  3. You know what? In my brother’s neighborhood, West Portal/Inner Parkside I see more kids than just about any other neighborhood. He has two himself over there. But I do see more kids on West Portal Ave who are unaccompanied by grownups than just about any other pocket of commerce I can think of. West Portal is very neighborhoody and small town in feel, and sort of bookended by schools. So that’s one. Anybody else?

  4. nopa is great for kids. close to parks (panhandle, ggate, alamo sq); schools (sf day, usf), shops (divis

    corridor) and transport (#5,21,31,22, oak/fell).

    i never noticed how many kids are around until i had my son a coupla years ago. lots of parents around here and a good mix of rentals and owner occs.

  5. Any parts of town next to Golden Gate Park. Inner to Outer Richmond and Sunset. Great for kids!

  6. Paco,

    Had my first kid there and moved on. A little dicey for my blood. Also, did a lot of work there last year and you still get the junkie/dealer/break-in crowd. And, as I’ve said in a previous post, my corner store owner was shot and killed. I know it’s getting better though.

  7. Jan,

    except the richmond between 13th and 25th, where you are between the split of 19th coming through.

  8. Yep, long time ago I guess, murder stays with you. Stayed boarded up and closed for years as a reminder though, plus RC at the next market down would bring it up from time to time.

  9. How come all you real estate professionals dont advise him to buy instead of rent if you are all so bullish on the SF market? Yeah, you guy’s sure give unbiased advice.

    [Editor’s note: You sure you got the right blog?]

  10. I live in the mission with kids but realize it’s not for everyone. My vote to the “bossman” is Noe Valley (lots of families, parks, rec center), Diamond Heights, Glen Park, Bernal and Potrero. I agree – I have seen a lot of older kids in West Portal (the kids in Noe tend to be on the younger side) and West Portal is an excellent neighborhood for families. I have a preference for neighborhoods with lots of good weather and sunshine for kids to enjoy (i.e., Noe, Bernal and Potrero).

  11. @ Sparky,

    Not true. There are great areas in between those avenues, you just have to look a bit deeper.

  12. @ How Typical,

    Because he asked a specific question, that’s why.

    If we had told hit to buy instead there would have been someone else with a crabby take on that.


  13. Depending on the kid’s age, the needs are different.

    When the kid is small, you want to live close to the stores (in case you run out of diapers) and take-out restaruants (when the parents are too tired to cook). When the kids get older, you want good parks and nice weather. Then when the kid is in the teenager years, you want to be close to public transportation so you don’t become a fulltime driver for your teenager kid when he or she go out.

    And you probably want to be within short distance to the school you like, and close to the potential after-school activities/classes.

    The only problem with Sunset is the weather. Often foggy, cold and windy. However, it has just about everything else a parent would want.

    So, I will vote for Sunset too – Inner Sunset or Central, north of Kirkham so the park is within walking distance, but not on 19th or Lincoln. If he has to drive south to work, then maybe Central (close to Sunset Blvd) is better, for easier commute.

  14. It depends on what yoy want to spend, how old the kids are, where they go to school, how they get there and how/if the adults go/get to work.

    A 3/3/1 Pac hts rental for 7K may be the bet thing for you, then again a $3400 3/1.5./0 flat in NOPA is always fine.

    There is agreat kids park in Duboce Park, if your kids are toddlers

    The neighborhood is strollable and has lots of strollers in it.

    Judging a neighborhood by something that happened last century is not helpful or healing to the ‘hood in question.

    Lots of changes since 1997.

    2008 – 1997 = long, long time ago.

  15. Thousands of dollars of tools stolen on a break-in last year as well. And we moved out in 2003.

  16. Grove and Central. Not that tool theft happens only over there, because the other big theft I’ve had was heart of Noe. But, when we would start at 8:00 in nopa the junkie crowd were still in the doorways.

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