I knew this one would go superfast. You have to wonder if it wouldn’t have gone almost as fast if it were priced at 850K, tho. Anyway, anyone else see this property? It got into contract instantly.

A two car garage, north slope Potrero Hill, with a 25 X 100 foot lot, for 679? Simply fax your offer to the 678 area code? Well somebody didn’t mess around. Still tho — this is some 2006 type stuff right here!

Property Details, 251 Arkansas [sfnewsletter listing detail page]

— Kenneth Kohlmyer a k a der fluj


  1. By “2006 stuff”, do you mean the price? Or the quickness of the sale?

    If it was 2006 there woudl have been multiple competing offers, no?

    I saw that one (the listing at least). Too small and not enough beds or baths for our needs.

  2. I meant the intentional super low pricing and speed of the whole thing — they aren’t what we’re seeing nowadays. More like two years ago.

    We don’t know that it didn’t get multiple offers. But even in 2006 just throwing out a fax number wouldn’t have necessarily gotten multiple offers in two days.

    What do you think this sells for? If someone builds up they’ll get a big downtown view. And the block is prime North Slope, again with two car parking (not that it’s very hard to park in Potrero Hill, but still.)

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