Just a bit busy, so this from today’s sfnewsletter:

“Hi Alex,

I just heard a rumor that 9W at 2190 Broadway asked for $3.45M and closed for $5M. An overbid of 43%?”

Rumor mill says…TRUE! Also true: that puts the price per square foot of this condo that “needs updating” at $1,562.50; HOA dues are $2254.50; Days On Market 39; built in 1973; 3200 square feet; and one parking space.

Happy Friday!

2190 Broadway 9W [listing details]


  1. Wow, very underwhelming pictures. $5million???????????????????

    That is an absolute joke. Who are all these people with so much money, making suddenly all the comps in that building 20% more expensive from a year ago, and the 50+ other condos all around also at least 10% higher.

    Zillow will get a hold of this sale eventually, and re-rate all the neighbors. Unbelievable!

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