Before, After, Up, Down…Straight Up Confusion on 2542 Fillmore

Hats off to the developer for a job well done and having the cajones to see this project at 2542 Fillmore through. Had you seen the before, you’d realize how great is the after. Oh…we have the before:

…and the after

…and even more. The before price of $2,675,000 (August 2005), the after price of $4,950,000 (two weeks ago) and the new after, after price, $5,250,000? Wait, what’s that? They actually RAISED the price after two weeks on the market? As our reader notes, “[Twelve] Days on the Market and no sale. What does Malin [Giddings, Maximilian Armour] and team do? Raise the price 5% from $4.95 to $5.25. Classic!” So what gives?

We’ve known about this property at 2542 Fillmore for quite some time. We tried to secure a buyer to take it from the current seller prior to this recent remodel, but nobody we knew was up to the task. This is a sweet home, who wants it!?

Defying the odds and defying standards of redevelopment 2542 Fillmore is certainly a property to watch.

[Update: …and according to a reader, now in contract (6/11/2008).]

2542 Fillmore before [sfnewsletter listing detail]

2542 Fillmore after [sfnewsletter listing detail]

6 thoughts on “Before, After, Up, Down…Straight Up Confusion on 2542 Fillmore

  1. What??? Ok.. My guess is that it was already in contract at the 5.25 asking price before Malin “raised” the price on the MLS (for obvious reasons)…

  2. Unbelievable. The house is FANTASTIC, but the location sucks. $5.25M seems outrageous. Am I the only one who feels this way?

  3. Amazed… your probably not the only one, but apparently someone else (or more likely 2 people since the listing is above asking (4.95)) disagrees.

  4. Apparently, this is still available, as email went out this morning announcing that it is open for broker’s tour tomorrow (TUE). Interestingly, the email also mentioned that the house did not make the deadline (last FRI) for official listing on tour.

    Perhaps there was a deal that collapsed over the weekend or this morning?

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