SOMA New Developments on one (well two) cool maps and a lesson on foreign buyers

Today we take (with permission of course) from Malcolm Kaufman’s recent Pulse of the Market (Pulse 57 View from Abroad), and bring you some great maps on the recent and upcoming SOMA Developments as well as a lesson on foreign buyers and their buying potential:



Malcolm also brings us some great insight on the “Sovereign-wealth Funds” and “Foreign Buyers”, who are definitely purchasing San Francisco real estate. Of course there is a little marketing thrown in there, but the information is consistent with what you’ll hear when you talk to any real estate professional actively representing buyers and sellers in San Francisco:

While different parts of the country are dealing with different levels of foreclosures, short sales, high inventory, falling prices, etc., San Francisco is not.

[For Foreign Buyers] Though our prices are not beaten down, the discounts are enticing in the face of the discounted American dollar…

These buyers benefit from the same political stability as their sovereign-wealth cousins, and they can be assured that there is an ever-ready and efficient market when it comes time to sell.

Foreigners, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly by clicking here and we’ll gladly point you in the right direction, because what you’re reading in the papers is not the whole picture.

…and how ’bout those maps!

8 thoughts on “SOMA New Developments on one (well two) cool maps and a lesson on foreign buyers

  1. Was at the Grand Opening of “The Greenwich” ( and it was a ZOO. Maybe 500 people in 45 minutes? Lots of foreigners from Europe and Asia all clamoring for $1,000-$1,600/sqft prices. Interesting.

  2. Speaking of zoos, 857 Ashbury was full to capacity yesterday. Not sure if it was a bunch of lookie loos mostly or what. But wow. Grand Central Station for an OK Edwardian for $3M on Ashbury st.

  3. James, nope, not a realtor. Just a patient person waiting for any “deals” with views in District 7. Sadly, $1,500/sqft is NOT a deal!

  4. this district?

    District 7 Dec-06 Dec-07

    Number of Sales 2 4

    Median Selling Price 1,687,500 1,937,500

    Average DOM 54 31

  5. Yes, that district. Been watching The Greenwich go up for a year now, hoping to get a deal in this market. They are pricing it egregiously high!

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