Who’s the Sexiest Realtor in San Francisco, Part Deux

underwear3.jpg[Nominees have been submitted, GO VOTE by following this link.] Since it’s Friday, we thought we’d leave you with what is turning out to be a very fun post. (Thanks to SFist for their link to the original post, we appreciate it. Who’s next?) We’d actually like to spend the weekend collecting nominees, and you know we hate to let our readers down, so we’re going the extra mile on this one.

We’ve received a lot of entries so far, but we could use a few more. So please spread the word, and help us get to the bottom of this, because you know you’ve always wondered who, exactly, is the sexiest Realtor in San Francisco?

[Editor’s note: Yes, flattery usually gets you everywhere on theFrontSteps, but no, the editor (alex) will not be in the running.]

You can submit your nominees two ways:

1. Anonymously by clicking here

2. via email to [email protected]

We hope you can help us help our readers out.

Ask Us: Who’s the Sexiest Realtor in San Francisco [theFrontSteps original post on the matter]

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