Ask Us: “Who’s the Sexiest Realtor in San Francisco?”

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Where readers ask, and we try to answer (something tells us this could be the beginning of something fun).


After seeing your latest post on the Nob Hill Gazette thing [The Art of the Deal or the Art of Photoshop?], I got to wondering. Since it appears so many Realtors are very concerned with looks, and there are some very good looking agents (I’m looking at the ladies, and my agent’s looks definitely made it easier to work with her), I have to wonder…who’s the sexiest Realtor in San Francisco?-AJB

Well that’s a damn good question and one we certainly hope to answer, but first, we must thank you for sending us your question, as well as nominee, which we removed to avoid a flood of votes for that one person (she is hot, that is for sure).

We can’t do this one alone. We’ll need a little help from our blogging brethren, readers, and colleagues. Word will have to travel. So…..start talking, and send us your nominees (strictly in confidence) for your pick as to who is the hottest/sexiest Realtor in San Francisco. Male, female, gay, straight, it doesn’t matter. This is San Francisco after all.

We’ll post the nominees to our site for you to vote. It will be kind of like high school all over again.

Don’t be shy, and let’s have a little fun!

Submit your pick for hottest/sexiest Realtor in SF by clicking here

– or email: [email protected]

p.s. Yes, you can nominate yourself. It’s anonymous.

16 thoughts on “Ask Us: “Who’s the Sexiest Realtor in San Francisco?”

  1. Alex – I have to do this in the open – in case you censure yourself.

    You are not the hottest in my opinion, but you should definitely be on the top list. ;-)

    and yes your professional photos are not the best ones. (and no, I wont post my own photos :-D )

    btw – can you explain WHY you removed your own photo from zephyr? so we cant nominate you? tsiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

    PS: email coming with my own vote. (someone else than you)

    [Editor’s note: Blushing…thanks, but no. Not happening. I won’t be on the list. But we’re getting a good mix. Spread the word!]

  2. Can the realtor be located in the East Bay? He has properties in SF, so does that count?

    [Editor’s note: Yes, if he/she sells in SF, it is fair game.]

  3. Hmm….[sent to the nominee pile] IS gorgeous; however, she sort of looks like she came right out of The Gold Club or Hussler…not sexy in my opinion, but I don’t know her. Obviously “sexy” is the full package, not just looks.

  4. how did we miss this nominee?

    sorry guys but the dozen women that all look like they were imported from minnesota with the same haircut just don’t do it for me

    [Editor’s note: We didn’t miss her, and you surely know about her because of the link we put to her site. Unfortunately, she is not a SFAR member…had to draw the line. And, we didn’t choose the nominees. Maybe next month, we’ll do an East Bay contest. It’s way more fun than discussing the latest doom and gloom.]

  5. excellent! can we make it a requirement that you don’t do your own hair or have been to a salon outside of vacaville to be nominated?


  6. did you receive any comment from any of the nominees?

    how many are aware of this contest?

    [Editor’s note: Yes… and a lot.]

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