Mic Check, Testing, 1234 (Howard), and 5 left

We had the pleasure of getting in to see these homes quite a while ago, realized that the West Elm shag rug used for staging is hardly the best thing for a home with two small children, let alone a heavily trafficked listing (think shedding worse than any furry pet), and marveled at the creative flow and design of the units.


Now, we get word from our friend, Mark Choey of sfnewdevelopments that of the 18 total units at 1234 Howard (think stunning, modern, sleek, clean lines), only five are remaining (no surprise). The five remaining:

-#2E: $399,000 studio

-#3C & #3D: $639,000 one bedroom

-#4D: $679,000 one bedroom

-#2A $799,000 two bedroom


Mark is saying the price on the studio is negotiable, but we’d have to assume the price on all the others might have wiggle room too. Just a hunch.

Regardless, pretty good brisk sales you’d have to admit, and you know we’d love to sell you one, so don’t be shy. ;-)

1234 Howard [website]

Stanley Saitowitz [Architect website]

2 thoughts on “Mic Check, Testing, 1234 (Howard), and 5 left

  1. Doesn’t five left mean that only five were released and no one buy them. I don’t all the other 9 units were sold but just a guess.

  2. Five left is five left. This was not an incremental release like at the bigger developments. The Front Steps is right. There are 5 units still available for sale.

    [Editor’s note: We’d love to take credit for that info, thanks, but we got it from sfnewdevelopments.]

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