…and the Nominees for Sexiest Realtor in San Francisco are:

From a reader inquiry to a full blown contest, we’d like to say thanks to all the people who took the time to send in their choices of nominees for our Sexiest Realtor in San Francisco contest. We narrowed the field down to people that received at least two nominations, and are active Realtor members listed in the San Francisco Association of Realtors.

It was interesting to see the larger number of women nominees as opposed to men, but more shocking is the number of women that actually wrote in nominating other women (settle down boys)…and no, they were not nominating themselves.

Moving on…We’ll announce the winner this Friday 12/21/2007 at 1pm, so check back. Voting stops at 11:59 p.m. 12/20.

[Update: Voting closed. …see the winners by clicking here, and come back soon for some choice comments that were sent via email.]

The nominees: Sexiest Female Realtor in San Francisco


The nominees: Sexiest Male Realtor in San Francisco


Voting closed, thanks! …see the winners by clicking here, and come back soon for some choice comments that were sent via email.]

We had over 500 clicks on the “submit entry” links from the previous posts, but realized too late it said name and email “required”, when in fact they weren’t, so total nominees are a lot less than should have been. Sorry, we’ll get it sorted for the next one.

Sorry also to Farrah Wilder, Katherine Walsh. You are all hot, received a few nominations, but as far as we can tell you’re not listed in the SF Association of Realtors.

We’re leaving the comments turned on for now, but any derogatory or tasteless comments will be immediately deleted and comments will be shut off. One bad apple will spoil the entire bunch. [So it took two…comments are now off.]

Enjoy, and please vote.

We’re going to take a break from blogging about real estate until the New Year. We’ll leave this post up for a couple days, so spread the word, and tell your friends to come vote. As stated above,we’ll announce the winner this Friday 12/21/2007.

Ask Us: Who’s the Sexiest Realtor in San Francisco [the question that started it all, theFrontSteps]

-All the nominees listed above and in no particular order: Mark Choey, Chris Lim, Kevin Mcleod, Rick Avery, Rick Teed, Wendy Vandersteen, Kim Airey, Gena Clahan, Eve Grau, Lamisse Droubi, Jennifer Martin, Claire Chessen, Courtney Minisce, Alicia Drake, Sue Tsai, Emily Dunn, Greg Angilly, Eva Stoyanov, Arlene Klatte, George Limperis, Stasi Martin, Mary Lou Castellanos, Milana Ostroy, Amy Blakeley, Steve Gallagher, Rose Costello, Patricia Lawton, Christian Friese.

5 thoughts on “…and the Nominees for Sexiest Realtor in San Francisco are:

  1. Pasted for Mr. #27 himself.

    “Wow – What an HONOR! THIS IS AWESOME!! (said as if I was Frank the Tank)

    I feel I need to get out in front of a situation before it breaks in the news. Earlier this year – when i wasn’t feeling too “hot” … and acting on the advice of my personal trainer and incredibly attractive business partner, Garrett Goldman,I began to take a substance – known to most as the “clear” – I got some pretty incredible results – well – obviously – i’m on the list – duh I got results.

    Anyway- I’m embarrassed and ashamed with my decision. My parents – I love you DAD! – raised me to make better decisions and i’ve let them down.

    If I was to win – (and let’s be honest – I have a pretty damn good chance – i work hard to look this f’in HOT – you know it!) there would always be a cloud of doubt surrounding the results and invalidating such an important annual event. I would like to formally remove myself from consideration –

    If nominated, I will not run, if elected I will not serve.

    Furthermore – I think the remaining 27 of you would all agree – you are competing for the 2nd Hottest Realtor in the City – it goes without saying that Alex Clark holds that title. I’d venture to say he’s one of the top 5 hottest men in sales – that’s right — all sales – yes computer software and pharmaceuticals count – top 5 in sales.

    If he won’t post a picture and include himself – fear not, I’ll snap one on Broker’s Tour and we’ll honor him in our own special way.

    Sarcasticly yours


    PS – It goes without saying I’m “allowed” to make business cards that list me as “Top 1% San Francisco HOT correct?”

    [Editor’s note: As the editor, I cannot enter this contest. I’d tweak the results to make myself win..wouldn’t you?]

  2. Yay, a wannabe Curbed LA contest for realtors who really should move down south.

    And Double Yay, token Asians!

    Industry masturbation, gotta love it. Or not.

    [Editor’s note: There’s always one in every crowd. Good thing we only read Curbed SF so know nothing of which you speak regarding Curbed LA. Care to enlighten us?]

  3. god what an utter waste of my time spent ogling these beautiful faces. only a site run by a bunch of nice friendly hard-working people who like to have a laugh would do this. Thanks, it’s good fun!

    [Editor’s note: You know what is great? On this site, in these comments, we own you. We can take your words and spin them however we like. We can delete them, or we can make them sound nice. But we won’t. Instead, we’ll leave your comment so everyone who reads it, knows exactly how stupid you sound. Cheers to you. Lighten up! Have a cocktail.]

    urbanSF07’s original comment:

    “god what an utter waste of time spending on this stupid beauty contest. only a site run by a bunch of paper-pushing breeders would do this.”

  4. Wow. Must be a slow time for realtors before the holidays, when they have the time to vote how beautiful they think they are. The people listed on top should quit their day jobs and try out for America’s Next Top Model.

    Real Estate Agents, were so early 2000s.

    BTW, Aren’t there any broker’s tours today?


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