“Beautifully Restored Victorians” seem to be all the rage (2872 Pine)

Since we’re on the subject of beautifully restored 3 bed, 3.5 bath Victorians in Lower Pacific Heights selling in a heart beat for over $1000/square foot, why not take a look at another beautifully restored Victorian 3 bed, 3.5 bath in Lower Pacific Heights, selling almost as quickly, just around the corner, and on one of the busiest streets in San Francisco?


Asking $2,995,000, 2872 Pine came on the market in late October of this year, and is already “pending”, which, for the new readers, means it is pretty much a done deal.

[Update: Check the comments. Kenny has added a couple links to some more Victorians.]

2872 Pine St. [sfnewsletter.com listing detail]

Tanking Market? Come Again? “That’s what She said” [theFrontSteps]

8 thoughts on ““Beautifully Restored Victorians” seem to be all the rage (2872 Pine)

  1. Victorians will never stop being desirable to some. I like them myself. Here’s one we tried to buy recently but got outbid on (should be sold by now):


    And here’s my baby. Sigh. Daddy still loves you:


  2. This was a Malin listing… some “advertising” doesnt hurt finding future properties to sell by showing a impeccable presentation, including top notch photos and floor plans ;-) (yeah, yeah I’m sure someone could have done “better” but this is so much better than a lot of listing…)

    Not everyone at open houses is on the market to buy. Some are thinking of selling similar (or not) properties.

  3. Pine property is truly beautifully restored and as Kenny said victorians are always desirable. What’s up with the link to the 23rd street place – is it for sale? Looks like a generic remodel of a semi-dumpy property. A nice diamond in the rough though and great prospect for someone who’d want to spiff it up.

  4. hahahahhahah. It was at the time a really nice remodel of a complete dump. With lousy photos. But now it is six years on …

  5. Pine St. purchase for $2.575 mil last June, 2006. Is this a fixer since then? pls keep us posted with final selling price.

  6. There’s no way, Kenny, in six years a what would have then been a nice remodel is now looking shabby and in need of yet another makeover. Chances are it wasn’t a quality remodel to begin with.

  7. It hardly looks shabby. Some of the finishes are dated though. That’s all. Go see it in person or keep it to yourself. OK? And if you’re the same anon from Socketsite, just keep it to yourself. Because that “anon” doesn’t know anything.

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